The aim for NextBioForm is improved pharmaceuticals from a patient- and health care perspective, as well as a strengthened innovation capability. Focus is on new and improved formulations which can increase the patients’ possibilities to take control of their medication as well as novel techniques and knowledge to produce sustainable biopharmaceuticals in Sweden.

NextBioForm will build a sustainable platform for innovation and the development of formulations and process techniques for pharmaceuticals based on biologically active substances. To be able to accelerate and facilitate the introduction of new and efficient biopharmaceuticals to the market, the centre will also focus on areas such as Business Development and Intellectual Property.

The centre has received 16 MSEK from Vinnova in a first step which spans over 2 yrs. A total of 18 partners within the institute sector, academia, health care and industry are part of the centre, contributing with 20 MSEK. The partners constitute of both small and larger companies within biopharmaceutical manufacturing, advanced analytical techniques, regulatory competence and contract research. The centre has two geographical locations- Sthlm/Uppsala and Lund/Malmö, which are representative of Sweden’s largest biotech-clusters.